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TOP 5 Batsmen in cricket


In modern-day Cricket, where batsmen rule the game, each team depends on some of their world class batsmen who are capable of doing something out of the box. Batting is important in today’s cricket as like eating and drinking are important in our lives. Setting up a huge total to chase on, and put the other team under pressure is key to win nowadays. A strong and resilient batting line also helps in chasing huge totals set by other teams. As the world cup is almost here, each and everyone especially the cricket analysts set their hawk eyes on different team combination and the number of lethal bowlers and batsmen each lineup contain. The International Cricket Council (ICC) declares the list of some top rank batsmen on account of their recent performances and the form they carry on from the past. The list of top 5 ICC ranked batsmen are:

01 Virat Kohli India 890
02 Rohit Sharma India 839
03 Ross Taylor New Zealand 830
04 Quinton De Kock South Africa 803
05 Francois Du Plessis South Africa 801


Virat Kohli, the Indian “Run Machine” also known as chase machine among his fans. Virat made his ODI debut in August 2008 soon after he led his under19 team to become under19 world champions, wearing ODI shirt no 18.  The entire cricketing world considers Virat Kohli as the best batsman of the world right now. His batting average and his consistent performance say it all from his side. He also had twice the man of the tournament awards in ICC T20 world cups (2014 and 2016). Board of Control for Cricket in India also gave him a crucial role of captaincy in this all-important world cup 2019 edition. His ODI batting average is 59.58


Rohit Sharma, an Indian opening batsman who is generally known as Hitman among his fans, made his ODI debut in June 2007, wearing ODI shirt no 45. He struggled a lot in his early career but in 2013 he scored two consecutive centuries against West Indies and after then he plays as an opening batsman for the Indian side and performs consistently. He also scored centuries in all three formats of cricket. He also scored 264 which is the highest individual score by any batsmen. He is also the vice-captain of the Indian side in the limited overs game. His ODI batting average is 47.4


Ross Taylor, a veteran New Zealander batsman who batted at no. 03 or no. 04 spot as per requirements of his team, generally known by his nickname Rosco, made his ODI debut in March 2006, wearing ODI shirt no 03. He is the most experienced batsman in the New Zealand side and also the leading ODI century maker for New Zealand after scoring his 17th century. He leads his team from the front on so many occasions where his team needs him the most. He always shows hunger towards scoring runs for his side and his this attitude made him a difficult batsman to bowl. His ODI batting average is 48.3


Quinton De Kock, A South African left handed wicket keeper batsman who is so talented wicketkeeper as well, generally known as de Kock or “Quinny” by his fans, made his ODI debut in January 2013, wearing ODI shirt no 12. He is so talented and confident young guy in the South African batting line up who opens from his side or sometimes play down the order as per the requirement of his team and the situation. He scores 3 consecutive centuries in 3 consecutive innings. He batted fearlessly and play shots all around the ground. His ODI batting average is 45.96


Francois Du Plessis, a Veteran South African batsman, generally known as Faf Du Plessis, made his ODI debut in January 2011 wearing ODI shirt no 18. He is also the captain of the South African side. His calm and sometimes aggressive batting disturb any sort of bowling line. He is so electrifying in the field and also brings so much energy in his side by his attitude and through his captaincy. Under his captaincy and the lethal combination, South Africa had from the past few years, this team is among the favorites of World Cup 2019 edition. He is among one of those batsmen who are technically sound and every class bowler feels little hesitate to bowl against him. His ODI batting average is 46.54

In the upcoming mega event of ODI World Cup 2019, all these top ranked batsmen play a key role for their respective sides to lead their teams in the making of history. The game of cricket is totally by chance and if there is the day of any particular player, then this player surely plays a one-man army show for his team. But apart from all these top ranked batsmen, there are also few hidden talents that also have capabilities to perform out of the box for their teams. Now it’s all up to the world cup and let’s see who will perform best and be the part of history-making.

Is Virat kohli bad t20 captain?

Is Virat Kohli a bad T20 Captain? Rohit vs Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the name of the game when it comes to batting. He is simply a “Master” and has proven his class many times to the cricketing world. He has single handedly won some major games for Team India and his performance stats speaks for himself. Since MS Dhoni stepped down as a Captain he was the obvious choice for the Captain’s seat in the Indian cricket team. Over the years he has excelled in the art of Captaincy as well and has widely impressed with his captaining skills as well. His ODI captaincy has been positive but has delivered fairly good results. However, these days he and his captaincy issues is the talk of the town. Why? lets check it out.

Virat Kohli as a Batsmen:

Virat Kohli Stats:

Virat Kohli as a T20 Captain.

T20 Captains for INDIA

The graphic above says it all. Virat Kholi has the worst stats as a T20 captain. Virat Kholi has captained 22 matches and won only 12 with a Win Percentage of 57.14%. that is probably one of the reasons that India with such a formidable side is still behind Pakistan (relatively a young side) in ICC T20 Team Rankings. If you see the Wiki of Virat Kholi there will be a huge list of Records as a captain but one thing you will notice there is that there is no such record in T20 format, all those records are in ODI or Test Cricket.

VIRAT KOHLI as Captain in IPL (Indian premier League)

Is Virat Kohli the worst ever captain in IPL?

Virat Kohli captains Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB). So far it hasn’t been a good run for RCB with Virat Kohli as the Captain. In 2018 edition RCB was ranked as second last in the points table with just 4 points in the winning column. That is perhaps the darkest dip RCB saw. In this season of 2019, The start is yet again not so bright for the Men in Red as they already have lost their two matches and the matches were fairly one-sided as well. Take a look at the captaincy of Kohli if we widen the number of matches played. Virat has a win percentage of only 47% that is slightly above Ajinkya Rahane who has captained a few matches only.

There has been recent controversy regarding Gautam Gambhir’s Comments on Virat Kohli’s Captaincy when he said.

“Virat Kohli is extremely Lucky that Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB) still stuck with him as Captain.”

Gautam Gambhir on Virat as RCB Captain

On Another Occasion he said

“I don’t feel that he is a Sharp captain. I don’t see him as a captain with sharp tactics. And he hasn’t won the IPL yet. So I think, if the record is good the captain is good,”

Gambhir had said.
Gautam Ghambir about VK
Player Win %age
Kane Williamson75
R Aswhin71.42
MS Dhoni59.06
Rohit Sharma57.92
Gautam Gambhir55.42
Dinesh Karthik42.85
Ajinkya Rahane37.5

Is Rohit Sharma a better captain than Virat Kohli, Well this is a million dollar question but if you dig deep and analyze with neutrality then you will come to know that Both have Captained Team India in T20s and Both have Won 12 Matches each BUT! Rohit has won 12 in only 15 Matches and lost only 3 whereas Virat has won 12 in 22 Matches with a poor average of 57% (in comparison). Rohit Sharma with his calm and cool head in a pressure situation is perhaps more suitable and has a calming effect on the nerves of a team than the expressive Virat who is more vibrant and emotionally involved in the game. Besides everything simply the Stats are enough to determine that Rohit Sharma is better in captaincy, He has won IPL title Three Times, MS Dhoni has also won it 3 Times and then there is Virat Kohli’s RCB not in the top 5. Eventually the change of Captaincy is inevitable in T20s for India, Only time will tell if India is going to persist with 57% Win Percentage and retain Kholi and also RCB retains Virat Kohli or things are going to shift and the HITMAN will be given the charge to shine as the new captain of Team INDIA.



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