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New Zealand vs Sri Lanka

3rd Match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka will be fighting their first battle against each other in the ICC mega event today on 1-June at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff at 3.00 PM.(IST)


Sri Lanka played two Warm up matches First one with South Africa and Second is with Australia both are the top Ranking teams of ICC World Cup 2019 but unlucky to win any of them.

South Africa won the match by 87 runs and knock out Lankan in 42.3 overs whereas Australia beat Sri Lanka by 5 wickets.This Performance is a huge disappointment for Lankan fans

New Zealand also played two Warm up matches. First match was against India and New Zealand players comfortably chase the target of 180 in 37.1 overs by losing 6 wickets, West Indies, on the other hand, had an amazing warm-up game against the good looking team New Zealand where WI scored a massive total of 421. and to no surprise won the match comfortably at the end.

Lets take a closer look on what history brings to the table about the two sides.


Total MatchesWon by New ZealandWon by Sri LankaTiedNo Result
98 48 4118

If we look at the ODI stats of NZvSL games, then there is not so much to choose from. New Zealand may be leading by 7 matches

Everyone wants the win their first match of this big tournament and set the mood for them in the rest of the world cup thus we can surely expect one hell of a match tomorrow. let see it Sri Lanka has some answers to the unstoppable New Zealand batsmen who are scoring big recently

NZ vs SL match Today World Cup 2019

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ICC Awards and World CUP XI

ICC Awards are held by International Cricket Council (ICC) each year in which Top performers who performed the best throughout the year are appreciated and awarded. Also in this event, ICC announce their ICC Team of year. In this team, all the star performers of the year are featured and hence the best all-stars cricket team is announced.

Recently ICC announced a team which they named as ICC ALL TIME WORLD CUP XI. In this team, they included all the greats of this fabulous game. This is more like THE CRICKET HALL OF FAME of ICC. All these great players had a huge impact on the Cricket and they served their nations while also greatly contributing to the cricketing world. The list of players included ALL TIME WORLD CUP XI is as under.


Adam Gillchrist

The Australian champion, and a great wicket keeper batsman of all time, generally known as Gilly amongst his fans, played in Australian cricket team for 12 long years and was a part of three World Cup-winning squads. Adam Gilchrest modernized the style of play in the top order, He is known to have raised the bar for wicketkeeper batsmen with his modern and electrifying shots in the batting department. Adam Gilchrest had a remarkable average of 47.5 in Test which made him a complete batsman and he was always great behind the stumps with gloves on.

He was also an integral part of 3-time champion World Cup-winning squad. His consistency, shots variety and perfection bought him number 1 spot as an opener in ICC’s all-time World Cup XI team.


Sachin tendulkar

The former Indian right-handed batsman is regarded by many as the greatest batsman of all time. Generally referred to as “The little master” or “Master Blaster”, Sachin Tendulkar stats are unreal including a unique and yet to be broken record of a century of centuries (100x100s). Tendulkar Joined international cricket at a tender age of 16 in 1989 against Pakistan, since then he never looked back and performed consistently throughout his career of 24 years.

Sachin’s technique, pure class, and calm batting style made him different from everyone in the trade. He also played some memorable innings in ICC World cup 2011 edition, particularly in the semifinal against Pakistan where he scored a match-winning 85 runs; eventually, bring his team to an amazing World Cup victory.



Ricky Ponting

The Australian national, the most successful Australian captain of all time in terms of winning world cups for his team. He was also a great batsman who was temperamentally strong and technically sound. He played so many lovely innings for the Australian side especially 197 runs at Perth in the 3rd Test vs Pakistan was one of his finest innings. Pointing also had a great role in making his team champions straight thrice. His skillful, temperamentally strong and calm batting style made him able to fill the all-important 3rd spot in all-time world cup XI.


Sir Viv Richards

The West Indian national, Viv Richards was a fearless cricketer and an electrifying fielder of his era. He was in the squad of the two-time ICC World Cup Champions West Indies team, and also play some handy innings to make his team across the line. He also voted as the GREAT ODI PLAYER in 2015. His fearless batting style at that time where no one tries to pull the ball, he played shots fearlessly against fast bowlers without wearing a helmet and that made him different and great ODI PLAYER of all time.


Kumar Sangakara

The Sri Lankan national, a great left-hander batsman and wicketkeeper but as we put Gilchrist as a wicketkeeper in this team, Sanga plays as a middle-order batsman who had a great record of runs in his career. He is also known as Sanga among his fans. He also has a record of most runs by a left-hander. He scored 4 consecutive centuries in world cup 2015. This shows how consistent he is.



The Pakistan National, the great captain of all time in terms of leading the team and his Fearless captaincy made him different from other captains. Under his captaincy, Pakistan becomes the world champions in 1992. His attitude and his body language leave a sense of fear on the opposition and his plans the way he applied his plans were out of the box. He leads this all-time world cup XI.

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The South African national, and very well-known all-rounder who was a left-hand batsman and right-hand bowler. He had a straight forward approach in bowling that “If you can’t hit batsman stumps, hits his head”. His baseball style batting and thunderstorm hitting made him able to grab his position in this team.



The Pakistan National, the great swing bowler of all time, generally known as Sultan of swing, had so many records in the world cups. He played a lovely hand in the finals of 1992 world cup. He swings the ball with great control and his pace and Yorkers were also up to the mark. Bowlers like him born after centuries. His swing was something like once in a blue moon which is then never seen again.



The Australian national, the great leg break bowler of all time, still holding so many records including securing the third spot for highest 5 wicket hauls in international cricket. He was the finest leg break bowler ever seen by the cricketing world. Still, there is no match in his class and his bowling. During his era, he was the most demanding and most impactful bowler.



The Sri Lankan national, the great spinner of the ball, holding the record of 800 wickets which is still looking unbreakable. His style of delivering a ball was indescribable. He played in the Sri Lankan side for a long time and also play key roles in many of the world cups for his team.



The Australian national, and great fast bowler of the Australian side. He is the leading wicket-taker in the history of world cups and improved his bowling in every world cup and end it on by taking record 26 wickets and also announced as the Player of the tournament. During his time, he was the leading wicket-taker fast bowler in test format.

What do you guys think, Which player should have been in this World XI team? who should have made this list? share in the comments. Share your Best WORLD CUP XI.

TOP 5 Batsmen in cricket


In modern-day Cricket, where batsmen rule the game, each team depends on some of their world class batsmen who are capable of doing something out of the box. Batting is important in today’s cricket as like eating and drinking are important in our lives. Setting up a huge total to chase on, and put the other team under pressure is key to win nowadays. A strong and resilient batting line also helps in chasing huge totals set by other teams. As the world cup is almost here, each and everyone especially the cricket analysts set their hawk eyes on different team combination and the number of lethal bowlers and batsmen each lineup contain. The International Cricket Council (ICC) declares the list of some top rank batsmen on account of their recent performances and the form they carry on from the past. The list of top 5 ICC ranked batsmen are:

01 Virat Kohli India 890
02 Rohit Sharma India 839
03 Ross Taylor New Zealand 830
04 Quinton De Kock South Africa 803
05 Francois Du Plessis South Africa 801


Virat Kohli, the Indian “Run Machine” also known as chase machine among his fans. Virat made his ODI debut in August 2008 soon after he led his under19 team to become under19 world champions, wearing ODI shirt no 18.  The entire cricketing world considers Virat Kohli as the best batsman of the world right now. His batting average and his consistent performance say it all from his side. He also had twice the man of the tournament awards in ICC T20 world cups (2014 and 2016). Board of Control for Cricket in India also gave him a crucial role of captaincy in this all-important world cup 2019 edition. His ODI batting average is 59.58


Rohit Sharma, an Indian opening batsman who is generally known as Hitman among his fans, made his ODI debut in June 2007, wearing ODI shirt no 45. He struggled a lot in his early career but in 2013 he scored two consecutive centuries against West Indies and after then he plays as an opening batsman for the Indian side and performs consistently. He also scored centuries in all three formats of cricket. He also scored 264 which is the highest individual score by any batsmen. He is also the vice-captain of the Indian side in the limited overs game. His ODI batting average is 47.4


Ross Taylor, a veteran New Zealander batsman who batted at no. 03 or no. 04 spot as per requirements of his team, generally known by his nickname Rosco, made his ODI debut in March 2006, wearing ODI shirt no 03. He is the most experienced batsman in the New Zealand side and also the leading ODI century maker for New Zealand after scoring his 17th century. He leads his team from the front on so many occasions where his team needs him the most. He always shows hunger towards scoring runs for his side and his this attitude made him a difficult batsman to bowl. His ODI batting average is 48.3


Quinton De Kock, A South African left handed wicket keeper batsman who is so talented wicketkeeper as well, generally known as de Kock or “Quinny” by his fans, made his ODI debut in January 2013, wearing ODI shirt no 12. He is so talented and confident young guy in the South African batting line up who opens from his side or sometimes play down the order as per the requirement of his team and the situation. He scores 3 consecutive centuries in 3 consecutive innings. He batted fearlessly and play shots all around the ground. His ODI batting average is 45.96


Francois Du Plessis, a Veteran South African batsman, generally known as Faf Du Plessis, made his ODI debut in January 2011 wearing ODI shirt no 18. He is also the captain of the South African side. His calm and sometimes aggressive batting disturb any sort of bowling line. He is so electrifying in the field and also brings so much energy in his side by his attitude and through his captaincy. Under his captaincy and the lethal combination, South Africa had from the past few years, this team is among the favorites of World Cup 2019 edition. He is among one of those batsmen who are technically sound and every class bowler feels little hesitate to bowl against him. His ODI batting average is 46.54

In the upcoming mega event of ODI World Cup 2019, all these top ranked batsmen play a key role for their respective sides to lead their teams in the making of history. The game of cricket is totally by chance and if there is the day of any particular player, then this player surely plays a one-man army show for his team. But apart from all these top ranked batsmen, there are also few hidden talents that also have capabilities to perform out of the box for their teams. Now it’s all up to the world cup and let’s see who will perform best and be the part of history-making.

Ball Tampering Cases

TOP 8 Ball Tampering Controversies in Cricket


Cricket world, cricket, and the cricketers are always surrounded by controversies. Controversies and cricket go hand in hand. There have always been controversial happenings inside and outside the playing field however this modern-day cricket has come a long way in scrutinizing the causes with some new ICC rules and code of conduct.

Whenever there is a mega-event such as ICC World Cup or any other mega tournament there is always a great chance of controversies popping up due to the competitive nature of the game. This gentlemen game demands a fair play with big hearts and sportsmen spirit which sometimes is found lacking or players overtrying their part to get results for sides no matter what reason controversies are bound to occur.

Recently cricketing world have been largely dealing with controversies like MATCH FIXING, SPOT FIXING, and BALL TAMPERING.


There is a long past history of ball tampering in cricket and sadly such cases came out from some of the biggest names in the game. In good old days, there were no such rules which prevented the tampering with certain things and the coin, the bottle cap and the nails were common tools of players to tamper with the Ball. But with the advent of Reverse swing, everyone wanted to make the ball swing in the air and hence players figured ways to tamper with the ball to get the desired effect.


Ball tampering is an unlawful act in the game of cricket in which alteration of the surface of the ball is done by the fielders or the bowler itself to interfere with the aerodynamics of the ball and to aid its movement in the air.

According to the cricket law, fielders and the bowlers are only allowed to shine the ball or to dry the ball with the towel if the ball is wet. If anyone wants to remove dirt from the ball it is done in the supervision of on-field umpires. If the surface of the ball is altered by the fingernail, rubbing on the ground, or by any other sharp object, it will be in the context of ball tampering.


The main and foremost purpose behind the ball tampering is to get the ball to swing or bring to obtain favorable bowling conditions. Normally, players apply saliva to shine the one surface of the ball which helps them to swing the ball with the shine which is legal however in case of ball tampering, players rub the surface of the ball by sharp objects like Nails, spikes, bottle caps, sandpapers which alter the surface of the ball and because of this act ball swings more in the air. Bowlers also get a reverse swing which is gold in the death overs and very difficult for the batsmen to deal with.


This whole thing works on the principal of Air pressure, as on shiny surface air can flow smoothly whereas on the rough surfaces its flow is not smooth, In case of cricket ball the difference of ball surface condition on either side of the seam can make on side of the ball experience lesser air pressure and thus ball swings that way. Cricket Ball has to be shiny on one side and rough on the other to be able to swing in the air commonly referred to as REVERSE SWING. Which is indeed very difficult to play.

Players usually do tamper the ball whenever there are unfavorable conditions for bowling. Tampered ball swings much which helps bowler to do something better with the ball in such a difficult situation.


Cricket history is full of such incidents where a single individual or a few teammates were involved in ball tampering. Ball tampering causes serious damage to the integrity of this game. Ball tampering not only damaged the image of the game but also some fine careers of great players as they were banned for years or fined from their match fee. In the past, there are so many legendary cricketers who were also involved in such sorts of activities directly or indirectly. Waqar Younus was the first who receive a suspension and fined 50% of his match fees in 2000.


England’s captain Michael Atherton against South Africa in a test match in 1994 at lords was accused of ball tampering. Atherton caught by the cameras when he put his hand in his pocket and then rub something on the ball. Atherton denied that allegation of ball tampering and give a statement that he had dirt in his pocket which he used to dry his hands. This whole infamous episode is termed as “dirt in the pocket”.


Waqar Younis, a Pakistani legendary fast bowler known for his accuracy, pace and deadly Yorkers was also involved in Ball tampering activity in 2000 where he received a suspension and 50% of his match fees for his role in ball tampering. He was the first player to officially receive a suspension and was fined for ball tampering.


Even the Masters can at time flaunter and can be found wanting in this cruel game of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar who is probably the “King of modern-day Cricket” was allegedly involved in one such case. In 2001 against South Africa in a test match, match referee suspended Tendulkar for ball tampering. Tendulkar denied the allegation and said that he only removed a piece of grass which was stuck in the seam and was not involved in tampering of any kind. meanwhile, took notice and later ICC removed all the charges on Tendulkar for ball tampering, though ICC still said that he cleaned the ball without the permission of the umpires which is against the ICC code of conduct and the rules of the game.


In 2004 in Australian tri-series against Zimbabwe Rahul Dravid who was a very established and seasoned cricketer from India was caught by the cameras when he was engaging in questionable activities with the ball used. He apparently rubbed the shiny surface of the ball. Rahul Dravid was fined 50% of his match fee for his wrongdoings.


Marcus Trescothick admitted in his autobiography, that he used mint saliva to polish the side of the ball which remain for a long time and gave the ball more swing. This admission came 3 years after the conclusion of the ashes 2005 series in which England beat Australia 2-1.


In 2006, Pakistani Team was penalized by the match umpires for tampering with the ball. In this Test match between Pakistan vs England, Pakistan refused and denied that no ball tampering was done by them. As a protest, Pakistan refused to continue to play after tea and did not come out to continue with the Match. Umpires then decided the match in favor of England as per the cricket laws. Darrel Harper was criticized for his decision and the controversy drew deeper when Harper was unable to provide significant proof of any tampering with the ball. He retired from his umpiring career later.


Last year in March 2018, the Australian cricket team was in South Africa, during the third test match of the series when the Australian side was in serious trouble, Steve Smith gave the ball to the Bancroft which was then tampered with the sandpaper, caught by the television cameras. afterward, Cricket Australia had to tackle the matter, which they did with a strict approach, and after accepting their mistake, all three players including Warner and Smith were banned for a year from international and from domestic cricket as well. Bancroft did that act on instructions of both senior player so Cricket Australia minimize his banned and allow him to play domestic cricket in December last year. Steve Smith and David Warner finished their punishment later this March-29th and were free to play international cricket from March 2019 onwards. After this scandal, the Australian coach stepped down from his role and Justin Langer took over the office. In a very emotional presser, Smith apologized to his fans and promised Aussie board and his nation not to repeat this at any cost. The entire scandal is known as “Sandpaper Gate” scandal.



Pakistan is playing England in their last series before the ICC World Cup, as to finalize their preparation in which 1 T20 and 5 ODI are scheduled. T20 was won by England side quite comfortably while the first ODI was abandoned due to rain. In 2nd ODI England put a massive total on the board of 374 runs. Pakistan in reply started off very well but in the last overs ball started to reverse which grabbed the attention of the match officials.

Cameras caught Liam Plunkett tampering with the ball, He was allegedly rubbing his nails over the white cricket ball to make one side rough enough for reverse swing. The ball condition was very poor in the last overs as it can clearly be seen in the leaked video of the alleged ball tampering.


This wasn’t the first case of ball tampering from England side none the less, over media pressure ICC took notice but later ICC dropped off all allegations of ball tampering after further investigation into the matter, ICC has given clean chit to Liam Plunkett and so far there has been no objection from the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) over the matter. This ICC decision of dropping off the tampering case related to the richest cricket board “ECB” was not so well received by the cricket fans around the world as many believe that there was certainly something fishy going on as seen in the Plunkett closeup video. Though no action was taken on this ball tampering case it certainly raised some Eyebrows leaving fans wondering about the ICC system of justice.

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