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Shahid Afridi Book THE GAME CHANGER


You can Download The Ebook “THE GAME CHANGER” from Shahid Afridi HERE.


Shahid Afridi needs no introduction.”Boom Boom Afridi” has been Pakistani Star All-rounder famous for his blistering hitting of the cricket ball. On 4th October 1996, Shahid Afridi came into the cricketing world with a bang, Stunning the world with his exceptional and clean hitting scoring Fastest century in cricket history (100 on 36 balls).

He has many a time stunned the world with his epic hitting skills. Shahid Khan Afridi has his name written for many records in cricket including Most sixes by batsmen and most number of “Man of the Match Awards” however he has also been in the headlines for non-cricketing reasons as well over his 20 years of career.

Shahid Afridi retired from International Cricket (ODI Format) right after ICC WORLD CUP 2015, Since then he has been mostly busy with his NGO “Hope Not Out”. Shahid has recently written a book which has caught all the media attention and Shahid has been in the spotlight once again due to some cheeky things he mentioned within his biography. Shahid Afridi’s Book is rightfully titled ” GAME CHANGER” just the way he was.


Shahid Afridi’s book game changer has revealed many controversial things including Team politics, Board politics and some of the players. Shahid Afridi.



  • Shahid very bluntly told his “ACTUAL AGE” every one from his book saying that he was indeed not 16 years of age on his debut instead he was 19 years old.
  • Shahid Afridi has initially written about his humble beginnings and initial childhood days.
  • Shahid also told us that he scored his first 36 ball Fastest century of the world with Sachin Tendulkar’s BAT! yes, that’s right. Sachin gave his bat to Waqar Younis to make him a similar bat from Sialkot and Waqar let Shahid play with the bat when he was going in to bat before that world record innings. No Wonder SACHIN TENDULKAR had an indirect secret hand in making Shahid a star he is today.
  • Then he spoke about the legendary players from Pakistan like Javaid Miandad, Waqar Younis, and Wasim Akram. For Javed Miandad, he used the word “Weak Human” and told a story when Afridi scored his first test century Miandad asked Afridi to give his performance credit to Javed in front of everyone. Similarly, about Waqar Younis, he says that he was a terrible Captain and a poor Coach as well. He did praise Wasim Akram referring his as his mentor. There is a lot more in the book to read about such stories and instances form Shahid Afridi’s life.
  • Shahid Afridi also discussed the dirty politics inside Pakistan Cricket and between players.
  • He also explained how he was a pure bowler and always meant to be a bowler but people made him batsmen and always expected sixes from his making him live in a confusion for all his career.
  • Shahid also discussed his party life before marriage and a little about his affairs and some funny stories related to it like once when he was impressed by a girl over phone and her voice was so lovely but when Shahid wanted to meet her and invited her in his home. it was a 14-year-old young boy and he felt embarrassed and he and his family met that young boy and spent the day with him.
  • Shahid also wrote about his political views. Shahid Wrote about Imran Khan, Praising him as a cricketer however he is of the view that Imran Khan’s party members aren’t competent enough to deliver.
  • Similarly, Shahid Afridi also discussed Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari and shared a story where Bilawal was used as a scapegoat by Zardari to force indulge Shahid into their political gatherings and rallies.
  • Shahid Afridi also expressed his views about Nawaz Shareef, He says that no matter what you think of Nawaz Shareef and he may well be involved in corruption and all but “HE KNOWS HOW TO DELIVER FOR PAKISTAN”. he compared cities and gave an example of developments in Lahore city of Punjab (Where Nawaz Shareef ruled) compared to Karachi and other cities.
  • He also expressed his views about Military establishment of Pakistan where he wrote that Military should stay away from the politics and why they keep interfering in the countries politics when there is no need of it and they should simply stick to their own job.


Overall its a fine book with some mistakes and some contradictions here and there, however, Shahid Afridi has exposed some hard realities of cricket and especially Pakistan Cricket which has taken the fans by storm and its a good read. Controversies like legendary players like Miandad, Waqar Younis, and others are there with the sad events of Spot Fixing and Afridi’s Role in It. Overall if you are a Shahid Afridi fan it’s a must-read for you.